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Bully-Proofing Schools

Preventing Elder Abuse

Crime Victim Assistance

Leadership Development

Individual & Family Counseling

Child & Adolescent Play Therapy

Helping Veterans with PTSD

Building Positive Work Cultures

Trauma Debriefing Groups (CISM)

Ministry Assistance Program (MAP)

Project S.A.V.E. Students Against Violence in Education

  • Getting help, not revenge!
    How to access support & training
  • Don’t give away your power or take the bait!
  • It’s a Heart Problem not a Gun Problem–The power of Bystanders to Change Hearts Before the Guns Come to School!
  • Intervention behaviors that stop bullying in 11 seconds!
  • Caring and inclusive behaviors that don’t leave kids isolated as ‘easy targets’
  • What faculty, staff & parents can do—reinforcing the bullying intervention, caring and inclusive behaviors of students
  • ‘Responsible Telling’ vs Tattling
  • How IA can support your school?

IA offers FREE 1hr talks to falculty &  student bodies in schools. Schedule yours today by calling or by email.

Victim Assistance Program: For 28 years Innovative Alternatives has offered custom tailored, individual and group counseling for any crime victim, crime witness or surviving family member of a crime victim. Innovative Alternatives provides up to 6 months of FREE services to address issues resulting from any crime perpetrated against the victim.

Family, Church & Workplace Mediation

  • Family Violence Prevention & Intervention: early intervention and prevention in cases of domestic aggression in families to prevent escalation to domestic violence or child abuse
  • Family Reconciliation Mediation: Assists couples or families with generational disputes, elder care &/or guardianship issues, to resolve issues, & design a plan in written agreement form to preserve healthy relationships
  • Divorce and Custody Mediation: Settling property, custody, visitation and support issues, redefining relationships to identify solutions and promote healthy spousal and parental relationships for sake of children, both during and following divorce

Training, Consultation & Program Implementation Services

  • Workplace Intervention for Resolution of Conflict
    • Conflict Survey & Workplace Culture Assessment
    • Personnel Grievance Mediation: increasing workplace productivity
    • Multi-Party Mediation Services of Team Conflicts
    • Positive Work Culture—to assist work groups to create and maintain a positive work culture or to ‘reset’ one which has become negative and dysfunctional
    • A variety of a la carte workshops and trainings applicable to the workplace

M.inistry A.ssistance P.rogram

Accomplishing goals for ministry takes many resources. Time, energy, money. How would having an extra 3 to 8 hours per week impact your ministry, church, family, or your spiritual, physical, and emotional health?

Map is a program that handles emergency calls, walk-in needs, counseling, mediation, and training WITHOUT your having to hire a new employee or train teams of volunteers.

Church staff members have access to confidential mediation or counseling for themselves and family—in order to provide ministry to the ministers.


“Our family went on a spring break trip to Southern California. My daughter was targeted by a human trafficking ring on the plane ride to Los Angeles. They began the luring process while we were in California. She even vanished at one point on the trip, right off Hollywood Blvd. Later, investigators theorize she was lured away and drugged.

We are still not sure how she escaped, she is still unwilling to talk about it. It wasn’t until we returned back home to Texas that I discovered that she was a potential victim of human trafficking. The human traffickers had put a young “French model” on the job of luring her. I spent countless hours researching and investigating on my own to try to compile enough evidence to present to my daughter. I needed to show her that the French guy was not who he said he was. I made several calls to human trafficking hotlines and human trafficking nonprofit groups. None offered any real support. Law enforcement wasn’t much help at that point either. The FBI even told me it just sounded as if I didn’t approve of my daughter’s new boyfriend!

I went to my regular counseling session at Innovative Alternatives and relayed my current dilemma concerning my daughter to my counselor, Sharon Bayus. She and the office staff sprang into action immediately and offered more help and support than I had received from the countless “help lines” I had contacted in the days prior.

Together, we were able to convince my daughter she was in danger and saved her from becoming a victim. I do not know that my daughter would still be with us today had Innovative Alternatives not stepped up and helped. I am so grateful for everyone who helped. These people truly have a passion to make a difference and change lives. When my daughter gets ready to talk about what happened to her, IA also has a ‘Victim Assistance Counseling Program’ that will provide free services to her to help her heal emotionally from whatever she has been through, but at least it is not the nightmare it could have become!”


Mother & IA Client

Resolve virtually any conflict or dispute through the process of mediation. Because mediation is non-adversarial, it allows for all parties involved to achieve a ‘win-win’ outcome. Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court, and the style of mediation IA mediators are trained in will contribute to stabilizing the crisis, and can lead to reconciliation and preservation of both families and work cultures.
Private Professional Counseling
Get Help & Get Happy!
Convenient & Affordable · Talk with a Therapist Now · Discreet Counseling services are available to help anyone achieve behavioral goals, improve mental health & wellness, and accomplish career goals…
Bridge the gaps and allow both leadership and employees to bring company culture to life! Our interactive and engaging workshops & conferences address workplace topics such as Employee Engagement, Workplace Culture, Internal Communications, Team Building, Leadership Development, Avoiding Burn-Out, and other specialty topics such as collaborative approaches to Elder Abuse, Boundaries, Attachment Styles of Parenting, and many more. IA has training sites in multiple locations, or we can bring our trainers to your preferred training location.

Find a Therapist or Mediator

In this training, participants are taught philosophy and process of mediation, as well as the dynamics that make mediation the optimum choice for crisis stabilization of conflict in work, family, faith and community issues. Pastors & ministry leaders, business owners & managers, mental health providers & case managers, as well as attorneys, will learn valuable skills for resolving solution-focused relational issues. Even if you never perform an
‘official’ mediation, you will benefit personally in a family, leadership positions of any kind and ministry endeavors!

Join Us, and learn more than you expect!

Cost: $900/person

Provided in the cost of training:
All course materials, continental breakfast, and snacks

Upcoming Dates to be announced for this 5 day course;
8:30am – 5:30pm

Continuing education credits are available for:
LPC, Social Work, LMFT and MCLE*

*To earn MCLE credit you must register 20 days prior to class

Where: Innovative Alternatives- Conference Room, 1335 Regents Park Dr.  Suite 240, Houston, TX 77058

Trainer: Sharon Bayus. 

Sharon Bayus is the President, CEO and founder of Innovative Alternatives, Inc. She holds an M.A. in General Clinical Psychology  and is a Licensed Professional Counselor.  She is member of numerous mediation, psychological, and community associations; and the recipient of numerous academic and community awards, including The Award of Excellence in Psychology from the Houston Psychological Association.  Sharon is a frequent speaker and trainer throughout the state of Texas on mental health topics as well as conflict resolution and mediation.  Sharon is a founding Board member and past President of the College of Texas Mediators and a founding Board member and past Treasurer of the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association. She holds the credential of ‘Distinguished Mediator’ from TMCA.

For more info contact us at:



Join us to find out how to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

With Hurricane Season upon us once again you or your loved ones may struggle with post-traumatic-stress related symptoms.  Innovative Alternatives confidential sessions are led by professional counselors and provide a safe place to process your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and symptoms. You will also learn tips and techniques to help manage on-going stress.

 “You can start to feel crazy, unable to make decisions, completely disoriented.

I was so relieved to know this was actually a ‘normal’ stage and would pass. Support helps, don’t try to do this alone!”

 “Being able to talk with others about what I experienced helped me to know I am not alone.”

To learn more about the FREE & CONFIDENTIAL Services of Innovative Alternatives, Inc.  Call 713.222.2525

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