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Part of what makes IA great is the amazing staff that help you each step of the way. From our Intake Coordinators to the Directors, each member plays an important role to making sure you get the service you need.

Sharon Bayus

Sharon Bayus is the founder, President and CEO of Innovative Alternatives, Inc., a nonprofit agency that serves our community through mediation and counseling programs.

“I do not know that my daughter would still be with us today had Innovative Alternatives not stepped up and helped. I am so grateful for everyone who helped. These people truly have a passion to make a difference and change lives.”

Christina, Mother &
Innovative Alternative Client

Debbie Corn

Director of Finance
When I came to IA over 8 years ago I was lost and in need of a miracle. It seemed everywhere I looked there was sadness and hurt. God knew exactly what I needed. I needed to see and experience miracles first hand. A young person came to IA and I remember thinking to myself, this child will never survive this kind of hurt and I was so fearful I would hear they had taken their life. After a few months of counseling at IA this broken child walked into the waiting room one day with the biggest smile on their face and head raised high. I had my miracle and this child is only one of many that IA has helped become survivors. This is the reason I love IA and will always be a part of this place where miracles do happen and hope is a phone call away no matter what time it is.

Ryan Corn

Office Manager

Ryan spent 5 years serving as an Office Manager, Billing and Credentialing Coordinator. He maintains office services by organizing office operations and procedures and processeses significant amounts of accreditation information.

Director of Clinical Services

Eunice Contreras

Interim Director of Clinical Services

Eunice Contreras is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, Employee Assistance Specialist – Clinical and a board approved LPC-Supervisor.

Sheralyn Littles

MS, LPC-Intern, Mediator
Sheralyn is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with children, adolescents, teens and individuals to help overcome victimization issues. She specializes in depression, anxiety, self-harm, abuse, trauma, and crisis intervention.

Jamee Wilson

MA, LPC, Mediator

Jamee has been with the agency since 2007 and is a full-time staff therapist. Her clinical experience includes working with survivors of crime, sexual abuse, domestic violence, as well as, those experiencing anxiety, depression and grief.

Connie Austin

MA, LPC-S, LPA, Mediator
Connie has provided counseling and assessment services to individuals and families for over 20 years. She specializes in trauma, adult survivors or sexual and physical abuse, and domestic violence.

Brent Rucker

Ministry Assistance Program Coordinator, Mediator, LPC-Intern

Brent is the Ministry Assistance Program Coordinator, a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern and a Mediator at Innovative Alternatives. He has Masters Degrees in Theology and Biblical Counseling and works with people to wrestle with life’s challenges and overcome them. He uses his life experience living overseas, serving in the military, and working as a chaplain to connect with diverse groups of people and to provide the necessary support and help. He enjoys playing with his kids, reading, and making up new sports that can be played in the house.


Lee Cox

Lee currently teaches the Masters of Science counseling program at UHCL and provides counseling to families and children in learning and school related issues. Her specialties include grief and loss, depression and relationship issues.

Harriet McCune

Harriet has been conducting anger management groups in high schools for the last 9 years. She provides individual, marriage and family counseling at IA and her clinical interests include abuse, trauma, depression anxiety, substance abuse and relationship issues.

Jesus Montelongo

MA, LPC, Mediator
Jesus has worked with clients of ages ranging from 4-60 years old. He works with diverse ethnic backgrounds and various issues such as anxiety, anger management, PTSD and relationship issues. He is also fluent in English and Spanish.

Gee Carey


Gee has been working within the behavioral and physical health industry for over 25 years. She is a graduate of Houston Baptist University, TX state licensed and board approved LPC- Supervisor, with certifications in clinical case management, mediation and as a paralegal. She serves age groups  pre-teen to seniors, specializing in a client centered, multiple disciplinary approach, working with clients and families who have both physical and/or behavioral health issues.  Gee’s clinical focus is on clients and families who need assistance coping with; emotional and physical health life adjustments, terminal and/or chronic illness, trauma, end of life and palliative care and adjustment to life altering physical health diagnosis. She works closely with the client, their families, caregivers, medical providers, insurance companies and other community resources to ensure the client has a coordinated care plan.

Rose Huss

Rose has extensive years of experience providing individual, group, couples and family therapy. She is fluent in Spanish and English and enjoys working with children, adolescents and adults from all ethnic backgrounds.

Lisa Cambiano

Lisa is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 10 years of experience in providing individual, group and family therapy.  She has worked in various settings including schools, residential treatment centers and outpatient clinics.  Lisa specializes in anxiety, depression, anger management, adjustment disorders, parenting and relationship issues.  She enjoys working with children and teenagers.  Lisa is a board approved Licensed Proffesional Counselor Supervisor.

Ambar Llanas

Victim Advocate

Ambar offers victims information, emotional support, and helps find resources and fill out paperwork. She may also accompany victims to court and contact organizations, such as criminal justice or social services agencies, to get help or information for victims.

Eunice Contreras

Interim Director of Clinic Services

Eunice Contreras is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, Employee Assistance Specialist – Clinical and a board approved LPC-Supervisor.

Meghan Stang

MS, LPC-Intern, LCDC, Mediator

I am a licensed professional counselor, licensed chemical dependency counselor, and mediator.  As a psychotherapist, I have the unique opportunity to collaborate with clients throughout the therapeutic process.  I value the therapeutic relationship as it is the foundation on which change can occur.  I work with clients to recognize the potential they possess to implement the necessary changes in their lives.  I have experience in working with children, adolescents, young adults, and adults who experience a wide range of life struggles such as: substance use, trauma, career exploration, educational issues, social difficulties, and communication skills.

Kelly King

Mediator & Trainer

As a mediator and trainer with IA, Kelly’s passion is peacemaking & communication. ’Winning’ by going to court hurts businesses, families and children as they move into the future and puts a significant strain on finances for all. Her goal as a Mediator at IA is to facilitate a neutral and structured process. Alowing those in conflict to reach a fair & equitable solution that can meet the needs of all parties involved and reach a long term agreement that resolves conflict.

A native of the Texas Gulf Coast, Kelly’s degree is in psychology. She is the mother of two.

Advanced Mediation Training:

  • Family Reconciliation Mediation
  • Intervention Mediation
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution & Teambuilding Mediation

Jennifer Kuhl


Jennifer is a member of the American Counseling Association and provides individual, group and family therapy. She specializes in depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, wellness, grief and abuse issues. She is also a play therapy specialist.

Jacquelyn Poteet


Jacquelyn has acquired over 10 years experience working in various settings including outpatient clinics, residential treatment centers, and schools. She specializes in addressing blended families, trauma, abuse, self-harm, and parenting issues.

Marlene Guzman

Intake Coordinator

Marlene currently works as an Intake Coordinator performing a variety of duties both clinical and clerical. She is also responsible for the admission and registration of incoming patients, and she is the first employee a patient encounters.

Erica Ochoa

Intake Coordinator
Erica is an intake coordinator here at IA. She’s been here since Sept of 2016. As an Intake coordinator she can assist you with making your appointments & making sure you are scheduled with some of our wonderful providers who are here to help you reach your therapy goals!

Vanessa Morales

Assistant to the Director of Finance
Vanessa Morales is a student at the UHCL pursuing her degree in Business Finance.

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