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Innovative Alternatives has been serving the community since 1989. We help provide solutions to people’s difficult problems, but we could not continue to do it without your support. Your monetary support really does make a massive difference in your community. Each small amount of money helps keep our doors open and allows us to continue to see people who are hurting and needing help. We must raise at least $185,000 each year to continue to receive the grants that allow us to bring this $730,000 worth of service to our community. Every single cent that you provide matters, every penny counts, every dollar goes toward creating better healing in the deep wounds that have devastated our community. Help us reach these hurting people. Help us improve lives. Help us make real change. Donate today.

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10 Best Golf Swing Tips to Change Your Game!

We know everyone wants to be thier best on the course, so we found for you some of the 10 best golf swing tips to improve your game whether you've been a veteran and been golfing for forty years or the tournament will be the first time you've ever golfed before! Click...

Police Take Down $4 Million Child Porn Empire

This is a cause that influences our work greatly. Please read this article and share it where you can! It is a huge problem in our society and we are working to eradicate it from our city streets! We cannot allow this to go on, we cannot let it fade away or slip into...

Surviving the Holiday Political Discussions

If you want to have a Happy Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays it’s probably the best choice NOT to discuss politics unless everyone holds the same views. There are in fact, healthy times to avoid conflict, even though in most cases, it is best to talk things...