Innovative Alternatives

We find solutions to life’s most difficult people problems!


We are always thinking outside of the box. We are innovative (it’s in our name) when it comes to helping you and your family, or you and your team. Innovative Alternatives exists to solve tough people problems.

Forward Thinking

We utilize a number of therapy methods including group, individual, family and play therapy. Our clients do not get stuck in the past, they heal, and begin to build the future of their dreams.

Problem Solvers

It is our mission to find solutions to life’s most difficult people problems! Solutions are found through the innovative processes of mediation, counseling, and training.


Customer Support

Check out our contact page. Our staff is available to answer any questions regarding family or workplace mediation, counseling, or our interactive business lunch and learns; workshops; and seminars that IA offers.

Our Story

Innovative Alternatives, Inc. is a non-profit organization serving the community since 1989. We find solutions to life’s most difficult people problems through mediation, counseling, and training since 1989.

We have a versatile staff of professionals committed to the highest quality of service to our clients. Our caring intake specialists are hand picked for their education, experience, professionalism, dedication, and passion. They are highly trained to quickly identify issues and direct clients to the most appropriate services delivered by the provider that best matches their needs.

We develop a custom tailored approach – an ‘innovative alternative’ – for every individual, family, group, church, school or company that seeks our assistance. We maintain to prevent problems from developing and empower clients to become agents of change in their own lives, organizations, and communities.

We use proven, highly effective intervention tools in mediation, counseling, and training. This promotes systemic change and allows clients to achieve lasting benefit. The systemic approach to all problems promotes employee wellness and business enhancement for companies experiencing change, growth or distress, reconciliation for families in conflict, and healing and direction for individuals facing tragic and/or life changing events.

Announcement Coming Soon

Announcement Coming Soon


Ryan Corn is Interim President and CEO of Innovative Alternatives, Inc., a nonprofit agency that serves our community through mediation, psycho-educational and counseling programs.

“It was the best move I ever made in my life. I don’t think I’d be alive today without Innovative Alternatives.”

-Tim Miller, Founder of Texas Equusearch


Tim came to us after the tragic abduction and murder of his daughter, Laura Miller. Today, Tim’s nonprofit, Texas Equusearch, now helps organize search parties for missing persons all over the world.


Ryan Corn

Ryan Corn

Director of Operations

Ryan has been with the agency since 2011 serving as an Office Manager, Billing and Credentialing Coordinator for Innovative Alternatives. He maintained office services by organizing office operations and procedures and processes significant amounts of accreditation information. IA is fortunate to announce he has graciously accepted to become our Director of Operations.

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