Here are a few stories from lives that have been changed through Innovative Alternatives, Inc.

From Victim to Victor

Here at IA our goal is to help people move from Victim to Victor. Each one has a story and we are here to help them tell theirs and aid them on their journey as walk through some of the hardest situations we could ever imagine. Below are just a few stories from those who have come to us seeking help and have been changed from Victim to Victor in the process:

Minor Client, we’ll call her Tabatha

Tabatha is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who is now telling her story to reach out to other children who may have a story similar to hers. She has found her voice in music and play therapy at Innovative Alternatives, Inc. She speaks publicly to encourage those still searching for their own voice. Tabatha’s experiences have become her strength and other children’s solutions now. She has now had the opportunity to perform on stage in theaters around the US. She is writing a children’s book to encourage children to tell and keep telling until someone believes. Her story and her song go on. She is truly creating a legacy of leadership.

Tim Miller

Tim had a difficult childhood where he shifted from home to home. He went though many tragedies throughout his life from losing a father to suicide, losing a brother to suicide, a lost son to crib death, and a daughter who was abducted and murdered. He was at, in his words, “the hopeless, helpless end of [his] life. Frustrated at the point that [it] turned to desperation until someone finally suggested IA. Some things started changing in my life and I thought maybe I wasn’t helpless after all. maybe I wasn’t hopeless after all. It was the best move I ever made in my life. I don’t think I’d be alive today without Innovative Alternatives.”

Sam’s Story

Sam was a combat veteran who was deployed twice in Afghanistan. He and his wife Emily knew their marriage was in trouble but neither wanted their child to suffer from divorce. He was suffering from PTSD, physical impairments and chronic pain. This, coupled with his wife shutting down as she saw the violence growing, caused them to drift further and further apart.

Their pastor referred them to Innovative Alternatives for reconciliation mediation. In their words about Innovative Alternatives, “They were really interested and supportive in helping us identify our feelings and needs and in helping us understand one another. It helped us seize the opportunity to resolve our conflicts and ultimately reconnect.”

“Because of you, our daughter will grow up with both parents present and loving her every day.” – Emily

Vietnam Veteran

I was a nurse with 1st rank during the Vietnam War. The war came home to all of us. They did horrible things to each other, beat their wives, hurt their children and their families. I took care of 2 soldiers [who were] almost cut in half. I married a vet who stepped on a land mine and was in my hospital for three years. I lived with trauma and death every day. I knew about PTSD but didn’t think that I had it. They didn’t debrief nurses back then; I was numb.

“I became suicidal before I got help. I didn’t want to die; I just wanted the pain to stop. Had I not found my therapist and Counseling Programs at Innovative Alternatives, I’d have taken my life. Your office is my tether not only to help and hope but back to life and living again.”