Talking Through The Trauma

Hundreds of people got involved in rescues who have never before worked with trauma and are ill-prepared to deal with the aftermath. We do not want those folks to lose jobs or marriages or turn to substances in order to self-medicate symptoms, simply because they can’t afford services to recover from their good deeds. The physical and psychological well-being of those experiencing severe and long-term stress, as well as your future ability to function after a prolonged period of stress, depends upon how you manage it from the beginning and the degree to which you attend to emotional, physical and psychological needs.

Thousands of citizens across Houston do not have benefits to access debriefing or other mental health services, but IA is here for you! The first three individual trauma sessions & unlimited debriefing groups are FREE.

Wednesdays 9AM-10:30AM @ United Way Bay Area Service Center, 1300 Bay Area Blvd, Room E-423

Tuesdays 6PM—7:30PM @ Innovative Alternatives  1335 Regents Park Dr., STE 240, Houston, Texas 77058

Join us to find out how to take care of your- self and your loved ones.

Families and individuals rely on the emotional support provided by IA’s free trauma debriefing groups & confidential counseling services. To sustain our vital services and programs, we depend on a foundation of committed and compassionate supporters.

Join Houstonian’s like our keynote speaker & philanthropist Jim ‘Mattress Mack’ McIngvale of Gallery Furniture and our friends & neighbors of the now infamous Cajun Navy as they honor local Harvey Heroes at a Totally Texan Hurricane Harvey Recovery Gala on October 27, 2017, at 7p.

Enjoy a night of casino games, FUNdraising games, and a scrumptious steakhouse dinner generously provided by our longtime supporter LongHorn Steakhouse in Webster.

Nominate a Harvey’s Hero to be honored at Innovative Alternatives’ A Totally Texan Hurricane Harvey Recovery Gala & Casino Night.

Suggested nominees: First Responders, Volunteers, Aid Worker, or Flood Survivors. Deadline to nominate your Harvey Hero is October 8th. Submit your Harvey Hero nomination:

10 Best Golf Swing Tips to Change Your Game!

10 Best Golf Swing Tips to Change Your Game!

10 Best Golf Swing Tips to Change Your Game!

We know everyone wants to be thier best on the course, so we found for you some of the 10 best golf swing tips to improve your game whether you’ve been a veteran and been golfing for forty years or the tournament will be the first time you’ve ever golfed before! Click on the image below and check out the list of the 10 best swing tips ever!

Police Take Down $4 Million Child Porn Empire

Police Take Down $4 Million Child Porn Empire

Police Take Down $4 Million Child Porn Empire

This is a cause that influences our work greatly. Please read this article and share it where you can! It is a huge problem in our society and we are working to eradicate it from our city streets! We cannot allow this to go on, we cannot let it fade away or slip into obscurity. We must take a stand. So what can you do? Read it and then share it!

Share the article linked below and take a stand with us to raise global awareness on this issue!

Surviving the Holiday Political Discussions

Surviving the Holiday Political Discussions

Surviving the Holiday Political Discussions

If you want to have a Happy Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays it’s probably the best choice NOT to discuss politics unless everyone holds the same views. There are in fact, healthy times to avoid conflict, even though in most cases, it is best to talk things through and try to come to some agreement. However, when values are involved, it can become a minefield and people become very positional very quickly.


The next best choice is to hire a professional family mediator or invite one to dinner!


If someone insists on talking ABOUT THE ELECTION, just ask if you can say something like this before the discussion gets going or print these and hand them out!


I’d like to make ground rules to keep the discussion safe for those who are talking as well as anyone listening–especially the kids who are present. I’d like to ask if we can all agree to the following:

  • IF we discuss politics, we can start w the premise that both candidates were very flawed and we will not assume that any of us holds ALL the same values as the person we finally selected as our candidate or sit in judgement of one another.
  • We will display respect of one another’s opinions and feelings or agree not to discuss politics if we can’t.
  • We agree to stop the conversation if anyone asks for it to stop.
  • We will listen with curiosity and try to understand one another’s needs and values which led to our selection of a candidate, and even validate that view if we can do so w/o sounding as if we condemn each other, for example: “I can see how that is very important to you, can I tell you what was important to me in this election and why?”
  • We will not interrupt or denigrate each other for our choice of candidate.
  • We are free to speak for ourselves and the reasons we could not choose to vote for the other candidate, but will not make those who did choose another candidate feel foolish for doing so. For example, rather than saying, “How on earth could you vote for someone who (fill in the blank). We can say, w/o judgement of others in our tone, “In the end, I just could not bring myself to vote for someone who (fill in the blank).”
  • Agree that we have the best country in the world, where everyone can support their choice for leader and have a peaceful transition of power.
  • If you were a Trump supporter, ask people to please support his Presidency with prayer, just as those who opposed President Obama did when he was elected twice.


If you’re lucky, no one in your family will want to discuss politics at Thanksgiving or Christmas, you’ll have a nice meal and everyone will fall asleep watching football!


Have a blessed day and Christmas Holiday Season!